Leading the Revolution in Spatial Computing and AI for Defense and Industrial Applications.
Defense & Space

Immersion Labs specializes in immersive training and weapon system demos, blending cutting-edge tech for defense and space applications.

Security & Critical Infrastructure

Our VR and AI-powered training for law enforcement focuses on enhancing both technical proficiency and interpersonal skills.

Energy & Advanced Manufacturing

We streamline operational excellence in energy and manufacturing through immersive, real-world simulations.

Immersive Training & Education

We simplify the journey of learning complex skills with engaging, immersive experiences across various sectors.

We specialize in

Leading the Revolution in Spatial Computing and AI for Defense and Industrial Applications.
Our mission is to empower the defense, law enforcement, and heavy industry sectors with unparalleled immersive technologies. Leveraging the synergies of VR, AR, and AI, we architect sophisticated training platforms, interactive demonstrations, and intelligent documentation systems, engineered to navigate and dominate the complexities of the modern battlefield and industrial landscape.

We specialize in

Virtual Reality
Our VR technology elevates training through highly engaging and immersive experiences, compatible with all major existing platforms to maximize learning and interaction.
Augmented Reality
Our AR capabilities extend to both headset-based and mobile platforms, providing versatile augmented reality experiences wherever you are.
Artificial Intelligence
We leverage various types of AI to deliver practical and effective solutions tailored to real-world applications.
Hardware Integration
We enhance realism in training by integrating our solutions with custom-made hardware devices, creating the most lifelike scenarios possible.

Our solutions

Interactive Simulations
Enhance learning and safety with our VR and AR Interactive Simulations. These advanced tools improve decision-making and problem-solving skills while reducing real-world risks, boosting efficiency and minimizing injuries.

Our solutions

Immersive Product Presentations
Elevate customer engagement with our Immersive Product Presentations. Utilizing interactive gaming engines, these presentations allow users to explore and interact with your products in a detailed virtual environment.

Our solutions

Automated AI Training Systems
Revolutionize training with our Automatised AI Training Systems. Combining large language models with interactive 3D models, our systems deliver personalized, efficient, and scalable learning experiences.

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